5 Easy Nail Art Designs and Ideas for 2020

Every girl wants to feel pretty, and when we see our nails, we can either feel even more beautiful, or we want to hide our hands. When you do your manicure, even though it is a small transformation, it can make us feel so much better. However, some manicure art designs can take us too much time, and not everyone has a few hours to spare every other week to get their nails professionally done.

If you are the type of person who likes to play around with colors and designs at home, we have some great news! In 2020 there are some cute things you can do while you’re doing your manicure, to make sure your fingertips always look pretty, without spending hours doing that. Follow our list for easy design ideas to end up with the perfect manicure.

1. Dark Red with a Twist

Source: mirror

This is something that looks classy, luxurious, and elegant. Red is the perfect color for any season and any occasion. In addition to this, you don’t have to have really long nails for this beautiful color to look great on your nails.

However, doing your manicure in only one color may seem a little boring. So, if you want to twist things up and take them to the next level, then you can pick one or two fingers where you can put some extra things. You can add some glitters or gold flakes to make them look unique, and the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. You can even decide to paint one finger white or gold to stand out.

2. Stripes

Source: youtube

If you have a bit more time and a few tools that are easy to use, then you should try painting some stripes. This idea is the most popular nowadays, especially with the younger generations.

For this design, the only things you need are a few colors of different polish, a tape, and a steady hand. Start by painting your base color, and let it dry completely. Then create some cool shapes with as many stripes as you can. If you want to keep it simple, you can just put one stripe that will divide the nail vertically or horizontally. Paint another layer with different color and let it dry almost completely.

Then, just carefully take the tape out, and if needed, fix things for your manicure to look perfect. If you decide to go with more stripes, then you can combine as many colors as you want. Just make sure you don’t put too many layers of polish.

3. Splatter

Source: elitedaily

To create the perfect splatter manicure, it is better if you have long nails. If your fingernails are shorter, then you may consider using some poly gel to make them longer. On gelbae.com you can learn how to do that at home without using complicated tools or spending too much time. The whole process takes just 8 steps, and you will be done with everything in less than 30 minutes.

Now that you’ve made your nails longer, you only need your favorite colors and a straw. Paint the base coat, and try to use something light like peach or light pink. Wait for the color to dry, and then dip the straw into one of your favorite colors. Then position it a few inches above your finger and blow lightly. The color will splatter and create some unique designs.

Continue with as many colors as you want until you create the perfect design for you. Make sure you use some tape to protect your skin, and when you are done, use a nail polish remover to remove the excess polish.

4. Polka dots

Source: pinterest

Another idea that is extremely easy to execute. You don’t need anything else but your two favorite polishes and a bobby pin. If you can find a smaller pin, amazing, if not, make sure to lightly dip it if you don’t want the dots to be too big.

So, once again, start by putting the base color on. Here you can choose as bright or as light color as you want. One of the most popular combinations is black and white, but you are free to create your own patterns.

When the base color completely dries off, dip the bobby pin in the second color and softly press on your fingertips until the dots are formed. You can put as many or as little dots as you want, and you can create different patterns. If you have some time to spare, you can pay attention to where you are putting the dots, or you can just choose the places randomly. Have fun and try things out with different colors.

5. Newspaper

Source: themuseandtheladybug

This is our favorite design and it is something that many people think is too hard to achieve. In reality, this process is probably faster than anything else.

The first thing you need to do is cut your newspaper in sizes that are a bit bigger than your fingernail. Cut more than 10, just in case something goes wrong. Do your manicure with a white polish and wait for it to dry. Then just dip your finger in alcohol and put the newspaper on it with the printed side down. Apply some pressure, without moving the paper. You can also try it the other way around – dipping the newspaper in alcohol, but not for more than 5 seconds.

Allow it to dry for a few seconds, but don’t wait too long. Then just peel it slowly and add a finish coat. That’s it, your manicure looks perfect!

Do you have a favorite design? How do you do your nails when you are in the rush? Make sure you choose quality colors and something that will not peel off after just a few days. You probably know this, but try to stay put until the polish is completely dried off. And if you mess something up, you can easily fix it with some polish remover, or you can put a drop of water (no more than one drop), and softly move the polish in place.

Once you master these patterns, it is going to be easy for you to try even more complex things that will always make you look like you came out of the salon.

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