4 Ways that Dermal Filler Can Change the Look of Your Lips

Lip filler has been a popular cosmetic treatment for years but the demand grew even more in recent years once celebrities such as Kylie Jenner started showing off her plump lips.

When you mention lip filler, most people will associate it with volume, but it can do so much more than that.

When it’s administered by a qualified and experienced doctor or cosmetic injector at a reputable clinic such as LondonCosmeticClinic.com.au, lip filler can enhance one of your best features in more ways than one. One important thing to note is that not just anyone can or should be administering cosmetic injections.

A thorough understanding of the product as well as how it reacts with the facial tissue is essential, which means injectors need very specific training. Be sure to always check your injector’s qualifications and experience before you go ahead with treatment.

One key benefit of dermal lip filler is that the results can be reversed using a dissolving enzyme, which is always helpful if you’re unhappy with your results.

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How Lip Filler Can Alter the Appearance of Your Lips

Here is what can be achieved with lip filler:

1. Create Structure and a More Defined Lip Border

Over time, it’s only natural for the lips to become less defined. Using a small amount of lip filler, the vermillion border can be redefined. The shape of the lips can also be improved. Many patients use lip filler to make the Cupid ’s bow more prominent – this is the middle section of the top part of your upper lip.

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2. Make the Lips Look More Symmetrical and Balanced

Lip filler can also be used to create a more symmetrical appearance. Some people find that one side of their mouth or even the top and bottom lip varies in volume, which can create an unbalanced appearance. Lip filler can be used to correct this.

3. Lift the Lip

As we age, it’s natural for the lips to become thin or to sag, which can end up hiding your teeth when you smile. In other instances, too much of the teeth can show when smiling. Fortunately, lip filler can be used to either lift the lip or roll it out to create a more natural appearance.

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4. Add More Volume

Lastly, lip filler is one of the best ways to add more volume to the lips, leaving your mouth looking plump and youthful.

There really is no one-size-fits-all solution to lip aesthetics as everyone has different goals. The first step is to schedule a consultation at a reputable clinic where you can discuss your options with a trained professional.

You should also keep in mind that lip fillers are not permanent, which means you will need to be prepared to schedule top-up treatments every six months or so if you want to maintain your results. How often you’ll require a top-up treatment is dependent on how quickly your body metabolises the filler.

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