4 Concrete Patio Resurfacing Ideas for Your Backyard

The patio is a paved part of your yard, usually stick to the house. It shouldn’t be mixed with a terrace or balcony, because it’s installed on a ground level, and it’s usually made of concrete, woods, tiles, plastic panels and so on. People often use it as a separate part of the whole garden, for dining, outdoor lunch, or just drinking coffee in a calm environment. Very often the patio is located in the backyard, so it’s not visible from the front doorway. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it and make it your safe and comfortable spot.

Should I choose a patio or porch?

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Many people mix these two options, but even though they look similar, they are different, especially in the way they are installed. Porches are attached to the house walls, and patios look like they are almost sticking to the walls, but they are installed over the ground.

People are choosing different materials for their outdoor extensions, including marble tiles, wood, but the most popular choice is concrete. If you want to know why people choose it over every other option, you can click here and discover the benefits of concrete resurfacing for your patio.

Porches are often built while the house is constructed. People choose patios over the porches because they can easily and economically customize them following their preferences. You don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to porches, because you can replace the furniture or change the board’s colors. But, with your patio, you can choose different types of resurfacing, and since it’s pretty budget-friendly, you can change the way it looks every few seasons.

Concrete resurfaced floor may last up to 15 years if you clean it regularly, and of course if it’s done properly. That’s why you need to look for a trustworthy and professional service or ask your friends or relatives for a recommendation.

There are so many ways to resurface or makeover your patio, and here are some of them:

1. Repaint it

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You may never know that concrete can be painted, but now you know and you may need to consider customizing your forecourt with some fresh and new paint over the concrete and tiles. If you are a talented artist you can choose different techniques of painting, so you can create a unique transformation. The best thing? If you don’t like it, you can easily remove it as the paint instructions say, and repaint it. On the other hand, this solution is not durable, because the paint is prone to rain and sunlight, but that shouldn’t be a reason to give up on this idea.

So, choose your favorite color and put it on your patio. You can create every pattern you can imagine, without putting too much effort, or worrying that you will cause some damage.

2. Use the concrete layer as a base for something better

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This material is cheap and very practical, and if you maintain it properly, it may last for decades, without changing the color. But, sometimes, if the material was low-quality, after a few years the first crack would show up. If some grass or moss appears, it may cause a lot of headaches to the people who care about the aesthetic. Also, there are those who enjoy the cracks and moldy spots, because it reminds them of nature and historical monuments. But, it also may look pretty dark and abandoned, so it’s always better to find another solution and resurface the patio.

For example, you can choose some outdoor carpet and cover the base, or lay some interesting tiles. You can even match the tiles with the rest of your home, or with the dominant colors in your yard.

3. Use different shapes of concrete

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Rectangular blocks can be very boring and obvious, but that doesn’t mean they are not effective. But, if you are more into unusual shapes, you can choose hexagon or curve blocks that, if installed properly, can make your yard look stylish and attractive.

On the other side, you can combine different colors and tones, and we guarantee you won’t get bored with your choice later.

4. Add some outdoor rug or carpet

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As we mentioned previously, one of the ways to customize and improve your yard’s look is to use carpet or rug over the concrete layer. There are specialized carpets that are durable and won’t get damaged because of the weather conditions. Rugs are usually smaller pieces of carpets, and you can easily remove them from the backyard if it starts raining, so you may don’t want to invest a lot in them.

But if you choose a carpet to cover the patio, you should find a high-quality one. If you decide to use this option, you can choose between many colors, tones, patterns, and shapes, or even resurface it according to the current season.

After you finished the resurfacing process, your patio is ready to be used. The next thing you should do is to choose proper outdoor furniture, including chairs and seats, table, appropriate sun protection, and smaller, but important details, like cushions, flower pots, and table sheets.

If you live in a house, you know that the backyard is the heart of your home. You can spend quality time there, no matter if you want to be alone, or with your friends or family. You don’t have to go far away from home, so you can drink coffee in nature and enjoy the birds’ sounds.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people saw why their friends choose houses with backyards over the classic apartment living. When the lockdown measures were active, people who have yards and patios could spend a high-quality outdoor time without having to worry that they’ll get infected by someone.

So, if you’re planning to move and you don’t know what to choose, we recommend you to take the house and of course, build a patio because it’s a nice replacement for the classic terrace solutions.

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