23 Messed-Up Movie Moments That Should Have Never Been Made

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most traumatizing scenes in movie history. Here are the wild and horrifying results.

🚨 WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Also, some of the images in here are kinda gruesome, but keep in mind that none of them are real: they’re just from movies, y’all. 🚨


InHereditary, when Charlie had an allergic reaction and stuck her head out the window to get some fresh air, but she was instantly decapitated by a road sign.


InMisery, when Annie smashed Paul’s feet with a sledgehammer so he couldn’t escape, and his bones literally bent the wrong way.


InEvil Dead, when Eric pulled a hypodermic needle from his face, just below the eye.

TriStar Pictures

—Claire Eliese Luttmer, Facebook


InFinal Destination 3, when Ashley and Ashlyn got trapped in the tanning bed and were literally burned alive.


InI Am Legend, when Will Smith’s character had to kill his dog – his only living friend in the entire world – after it got infected.


InThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, when Bilbo Baggins saw the ring around Frodo’s neck and was momentarily possessed.


InBuried, when Ryan Reynolds’ character was trapped underground in a coffin, and it slowly started to fill with sand and suffocate him.


InIt, when Eddie was forced to take a shower in the school locker room, and Pennywise came out of the shower drain and started haunting him.


InThe Sixth Sense, when Cole thought he saw his mom in the kitchen, but it turned out to be a ghost who committed suicide, and she started screaming at him.


InA Nightmare on Elm Street, when Nancy fell asleep in the bathtub and Freddy Krueger tried to drown her.


InPoltergeist, when Marty hallucinated that he was actually peeling off the layers of his face.


InJaws, when Hooper discovered the partial, floating corpse of Ben Gardner in the submerged hull.


InMother!, when Jennifer Lawrence’s character gave birth, and the crowd took her baby, started ripping it apart, and then ate it.


InThe Shining, when Jack kissed the beautiful woman in room 237, and then she turned into the old corpse and started chasing him.


InRequiem for a Dream, when Jared Leto’s character stuck the needle into his already extremely infected arm.


InSigns, when Merill was watching the news report and saw the alien walk across the street.


InThe Mist, when David had to kill everyone (including his son) so they could avoid painful deaths, but moments later he was saved by the US Army.


InCabin Fever, when Marcy shaved her legs and her skin started to peel off, meaning she got infected by the flesh-eating virus.

Lioinsgate Films

—Johanny M Mejia, Facebook


InSaw, when the “dead” body on the ground revealed himself to be Jigsaw.


In Oldboy, when Dae-su ate a whole, live octopus in one bite.

Tartan Films

—Love Raney, Facebook


InBlack Swan, when Nina washed her hands and started peeling back a little piece of skin, but it ripped all the way down her finger.

Fox Searchlight Pictures



In127 Hours, when Aron had to use a pocket knife to amputate his own arm.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

—Dale Palisoc, Facebook


And basically the entire ending ofGet Out,when Chris smashed in Jeremy’s head with a croquet ball, rammed a deer’s head into Dean’s torso, and was stabbed through the hand with a letter opener by Missy.

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