Smartphone batteries have evolved a lot over time. However, the major breakthroughs, or at least the most notorious, are two: fast loading and charging wirelessly.

Although not insignificant – it’s great that we can get our smartphone to charge 50% of its total charge in half an hour – the battery life (perhaps the most important) is still a day or two from five years ago .

However, judging from a news story recently published on the science website, Samsung may be close to taking the next step in regards to smartphone batteries.

Using a graphene ball material (the world’s thinnest), Samsung’s Advanced Technology Institute (SAIT) apparently managed to make lithium-ion batteries charge faster and last longer. This technology promises a 45% increase in capacity and load speeds five times faster. By way of example, it will be possible to obtain a total charge in twelve minutes, rather than an hour or more.

In parallel, this technology can be applied to electric vehicles as it is very resists up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Lithium-ion batteries have been used in a variety of consumer electronics since they appeared in the early 1990s. Although they remain the best option of the upgraded, they have many limitations. Smartphones, laptops and smartwatches have to be loaded more often than we would like and there are still the issues of the physical space they occupy and the weight. In addition they are relatively volatile.

It is for these reasons that Samsung looks for a viable alternative and the solution based on graphene seems to be the answer. This lightweight, tiny and durable material has been available since 2004 even though scientists are still exploring different ways of using it. Although the new Samsung battery still relies on the old lithium-ion batteries, it can pave the way for several innovations.

Samsung has patented this new technology in South Korea and the US, but is not sure if it will be applied to smartphones.

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