10 Material Gifts to Self That Would Make You an Instant Celebrity

Some people want to become an instant celebrity because of fame and money that comes with it. Either way, anyone can become an instant celebrity, but it comes with a lot of effort, time, talent, and cash. However, there are some things you can purchase for yourself to make you feel like an instant celebrity, and possibly flaunt it in your next vlog.

There are a lot of merchandise products for celebrities. Businesses have seen this as an opportunity for profit as they know about die-hard fans who are willing to spend a fortune to satisfy their fangirl or fanboy spirit.

Instead of creating something about a celebrity, why not try creating something in reference to yourself to make you feel the luxurious celebrity life. Here is a list of a few things you might want to check out.

1. Customized Bobbleheads

Source: allminime

Bobbleheads are miniature toys made purposely with a bigger head as compared to its body. The head is attached by a spring that nods when it is moved. Bobbleheads may be considered to be one of the most famous merchandise in baseball games that eventually started a bobblehead craze which happens every playoff. They put extra effort to make a bobblehead out of these famous baseball players. Since bobbleheads are normally created based on these celebrities, you can make one for yourself to keep up with them, making yourself an instant celebrity. There are websites that offer customized bobbleheads based on your liking. You can try custom figures from this site.

2. Statement shirts

Source: etsy

Shirts may be the oldest celebrity merchandise products that were ever created. It is a common practice for celebrity fans to show who their idols are or whom they are promoting or supporting by wearing these shirts.

It is not necessary to print your face on a shirt to make you an instant celebrity but having your ideas printed on these shirts that are only made for you could be a way to make yourself a celebrity. Printing an image of yourself, a doodle or cartoon, in a shirt may also be a good idea. Not only are customized shirts unique, but also practical for you in terms of financing your clothing.

3. Custom Shoes

Source: pinterest

Shoes may come expensive, especially if these are customized but having one that is specially personalized as a gift for yourself would be very rewarding. Most celebrities have their clothing personalized as their way of making a fashion statement.

It is easy to make your own fashion statement. Start off with a customized shoe may be expensive, but they are definitely worth it. Besides, this is a great way to reward yourself.

4. Self-portrait painting

Source: portraitsphotos

Another way to be an instant celebrity is through a self-portrait painting. It may not seem practical, but having a painting of yourself will make you feel like you are a special person. There are plenty of painters out there, including new artists who could make you a portrait for a low price. The cost of the service may depend on the painter’s popularity and fame.

5. Custom Calendars

Source: pinterest

Being a celebrity has its perks, especially when you are famous enough. Businesses would actually pay celebrities to advertise their products. Printed calendars are probably one of the most common forms of advertisements as they are available in every household. While almost every phone has a calendar app, it does not make printed calendars less important in every home.

Creating a custom calendar with your photo on it could make you feel like an instant celebrity. Either you can do it yourself using a photo editing software or have done professionally. There’s not much to it. Anyone can have a custom calendar printed.

6. Greeting cards

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Other than calendars, greetings cards also have not gone out of style yet. This is a creative way to show greetings for every event, especially during the holiday season. Printing a card of yourself or your family could make you an instant celebrity especially when you have the intention of giving them out to your relatives and friends.

7. Custom Posters

Source: mapiful

Here is another fun idea. You can either have your photo professionally retouched or do it yourself with a little photoshop magic to make yourself look like nothing less than a celebrity on a poster. This is definitely an entertaining idea to make yourself feel like an instant celebrity. You can post it in public where people that know you will recognize you or just keep it to yourself and post it in your room.

8. Iconic Celebrity Accessories

Source: travelandleisure

It is not uncommon for famous celebrities to have an iconic look. This may be due to an accessory they are commonly seen wearing. It can be a piece of show-stopping jewelry, signature sunglasses, or statement shoes.

Almost anyone can acquire a replica of their idol’s iconic accessory may it be Marilyn Monroe’s Fur Shawl, Audrey Hepburn’s Black Flats, or even Princess Diana’s Tiara.

9. Perfume Or Cologne

Source: adarasblogazine

Another way to become a celebrity is to smell like one. Celebrities maintain a good scent. Other than physically looking like a celebrity, you should maintain a fragrant scent as well. Invest in perfume or cologne that will fit your style. It does not need to be expensive. It just needs to be something that leaves an impression and lasts for a long time.

10. Digital camera

Source: raulersongirlstravel

Nowadays, anyone can be an instant celebrity. According to the Advertising Standards Authority, you only need 30,000 followers on your social media to account to become a celebrity. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or youtube; you can become a celebrity with just a little effort and patience.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is investing in a good quality camera that can take perfect photos or videos. You can start a vlog or become an Instagram model. You can vlog about basically anything. Take photos of your travels or anything that is Instagram worthy. By making sure that your content is relevant and unique, you should earn followers in no time at all.

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